we bring the best coffee

to your cup

The understanding for the beauty of a great product has been in our families for centuries.

Felipe grew up in the heart of the coffee triangle in Colombia. His family and many of his close friends cultivate some of the best coffee beans in the world. His understanding for sustainable production, fair trade and the life of our farmers makes La Finca´s approach unique. 

Marlene grew up on a vinyard, surrounded by the vast hills and vine stocks of Bozen, Südtirol. Her family has produced a range of award winning wines. Her understanding for perfection in taste and quality contributes to Kaffee La Finca´s distinguished flavor.

Tim has always liked to be surrounded by lots of people. He has learned to love this through his experiences in start ups, but especially through his activities in the event industry. That's why he enjoys meeting customers for Kaffee La Finca - whether in sales or at our events.

Corentine is not only a coffee junkie and French gourmet but also an experienced and diverse business developer who has led several start ups to success. She likes to share her experience to make excellent coffee available to a wider market. 

WE WANT TO recognize the farmers hard work

...that goes into every La Finca coffee bean. The plants grow on the hillsides of the Andes in Colombia’s famous coffee triangle known as the "Eje Cafetero". It is here - in our home country - where our idea was born and our mission took root: Kaffee La Finca is our opportunity to reward the local farmers for their hard work, through fair payment practices, by promoting high-quality coffee production, while always guaranteeing environmental sustainability.


From the harvesting to the roasting process: it is essential to us to ensure complete traceability of every bean as well as to provide consistently reliable quality. Our single origin coffee has a cupping score of 85 (and above), being classified in the prime range of specialty coffees.

By working hands on with our growing partners on developing sustainable agricultural practices we aim to furthermore improve the quality and production of their coffee trees. Because not only do we care about the farmers’ life and working conditions, but also intend to reduce the environmental impact of our coffee production. All of our coffee-growing partners are FLOCERT- and UTZ-certified, which guarantees that their coffees meet the environmental standards and are sustainably sourced - from finca to your cup. 


...because full transparency is one of our core values! We have been building up a deep relationship with our coffee-growing partners for years. We know the local farmers, their families and employees personally and pay regular visits to their coffee-producing fincas. We know their stories, their passion - but also the difficulties they are facing on a daily basis. It is our objective to be the key element between our clients and the farming communities, in order to build a relationship of trust and, by doing so, to give access to all the information regarding our direct trade practices.


From the harvest to the roasting: the origin of each coffee bean of "Kaffee La Finca" is completely traceable and therefore guarantees its top quality. With a Cupping Score of over 85 points, our coffee even belongs to the excellence class due to its extraordinary complexity. Here too, we rely on personal care and support farmers in applying sustainable cultivation methods. This ensures that the coffee beans are cultivated according to ecological and quality criteria and are harvested at a same ripeness level.